Sector Specific Qualifications & Standards

New Zealand’s state sector is diverse and high-profile, and the nature of local government agencies means they hold a huge amount of responsibility. Related to this is the Security Sector which includes all security institutions and structures whose duty it is to protect the society from crime, disorder and violence.  The Armed Forces and Defence and their civilian staff also protect the public. Ringa Hora develops and maintains qualifications and standards suited to your staff in everything from basic legislation through to building regulations.

Public Sector


Ringa Hora develops and maintains qualifications and unit standards for security professionals who play a vital role in protecting the public and making sure everyone has a good time.

  • Qualifications

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    New Zealand Certificate in Security (Foundation) (Level 3) (60 credits) [NZQF Ref: 3642(external link)]

    New Zealand Certificate in Security (Advanced) (Level 4) (60 credits) [NZQF Ref: 3643(external link)]

    New Zealand Diploma in Security (Level 6) (120 credits) [NZQF Ref: 3644(external link)]

  • Standards

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    Security Management(external link)

    Security Staff Services(external link)

  • Current and upcoming reviews


    There are no current reviews of Security qualifications. The next reviews due are for the New Zealand Certificate in Security (Foundation) (Level 3), New Zealand Certificate in Security (Advanced) (Level 4), and New Zealand Diploma in Security (Level 6), due during 2022.


    There are no current reviews of Security unit standards. The next review is due by 31 December 2023.

    Consent and Moderation Requirements – Interim ruling

    Currently there is a requirement within the CMR specific to unit standards 27360 and 27361  that is no longer applicable due to the transfer of standard setting responsibilities from Skills Org to Ringa Hora.  Therefore, until such time that a full review of all of Ringa Hora’s CMRs can be undertaken an interim ruling is in place.

    Appendix 2 of CMR 0003 (Security Sector requirements for consent to assess under Criterion 6 Staff selection, appraisal and development) requires that organisations with Consent to Assess these two unit standards must have policies and procedures to ensure that staff involved in delivery of training and/or assessment:

    • attend and successfully complete a Skills-recognised training and assessment course;
    • maintain currency and provide evidence of up-skilling in best practice in conflict management in a security context through attendance and successful completion of a Skills-recognised refresher course every two years.

    As Skills is no longer the standard setting body, this requirement around attending Skills-recognised courses is no longer applicable. As part of the planned CMR review, Ringa Hora will consider whether or not to include a similar course requirement or alternative such as a formalised credential requirement. Stakeholders will be invited to provide feedback on this at that time.

    In the interim organisations will still need to ensure staff are suitably trained to deliver training in managing conflict situations and their currency is maintained.


Ringa Hora work with industry, employers, professional groups, and other stakeholders to develop qualifications that are fit for purpose.  If you wish to be involved in any of the current or upcoming reviews, provide feedback, or have any questions, please email