Sector Specific Qualifications & Standards

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Whether you are the owner of the shop or the warehouse/distribution centre, or are looking for a career in retail, Ringa Hora has qualifications and also develops unit standards to help you gain the sales, service, merchandising, distribution and management expertise you need to keep customers satisfied and business successful.

Retail, Sales and Distribution

Retail, Sales and Distribution.

Excellent customer service is the basis of the success of some of the country’s most popular retailers, - businesses which make selling better for the bottom line because their people have the retail and sales skills, they need to make shopping a pleasure for customers. In the Distribution area Ringa Hora also aims to help you lighten the load with qualifications and training standards that enable learners to gain what they need to provide an excellent service; for example – vital health and safety knowledge, planning, logistics, maintenance, supply, and warehouse management expertise.

Service Delivery

The generic skills for service delivery are used across many training programmes for qualifications covered by Ringa Hora and many other sectors.

There are no specialist qualifications in this area. But the skills contribute to competency in a wide range of sector qualifications.

Ringa Hora WDC works with industry, employers, professional groups, and other stakeholders to develop qualifications that are fit for purpose.  If you wish to be involved in any of the current or upcoming reviews, provide feedback, or have any questions, please email