Waihangatia te Āmua Ao 2023 Shaping the Future of Service Skills

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Kia raka te Mauī, kia raka te Matau i te Āmua Ao

Help us shape the future of Service skills

We invite you to work with us to create Service sector credentials relevant to 2023 and beyond. These could be qualifications, micro-credentials, skill standards, a combination of all three… or something completely new!

New Zealand’s Service sector grows excellent communicators, problem solvers, collaborators and leaders. The changing nature of work is increasing the demand for these people and the soft skills they possess. We’ve been hearing that our industries want and value people with essential and transferrable skills, and are looking for short, sharp, stackable credentials. 

We currently have 28 existing entry-level Services credentials (Level 2 and 3) that share similar outcomes. Let’s work together to reduce duplication and match the transferrable skills desired by employers and industry with common learning outcomes across the Service sector qualifications.

We are keen to get your views on exploring the concept and design of short, sharp, stackable credentials. With your help, we will redesign the structure and components of our current offerings to provide learners with simplified, portable qualifications suited to different industries, employers and regions.

So, does this sound good to you?

Yes? How do you think this new thinking can be realised? Is it a set of common compulsory elements with industry-specific electives? Is it a variation of this? Or is it something else altogether?

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Together We Can!

Our ideal approach to this project involves hearing voices from all industries across the services sector including: 

  • Aviation and Airport Services 
  • Business, Professional and Personal Services 
  • Cleaning Services 
  • Contact Centres and Industry Support Services 
  • Financial and Advisory Services 
  • Hospitality and Food Services 
  • Government (Local and State Sector), Security and Defence Services 
  • Real Estate and Rental Services 
  • Retail and Distribution Services 
  • Tourism and Travel Services. 


We would love to get your views. You can come along to a Teams session, complete a survey, or kōrero (talk with us). If you would like to stay informed about this project, email us at qualifications@ringahora.nz with ‘Future of Service skills’ in the subject line.

Teams Sessions

No need to register, just come along: 


Thursday, 30 Mar 2023 Teams Meeting Link 30 March

Monday, 03 Apr 2023


Teams Meeting Link 3rd April

Tuesday, 11 Apr 2023

Teams Meeting Link 11 April

Thursday, 20 Apr 2023

Teams Meeting Link 20 April

*Sessions will be recorded. 


If you’re ready to give us your feedback, please fill in our short survey.

Complete the survey here


Please fill in the contact form below or email us at qualifications@ringahora.nz with 'Future of Service Skills' in the subject line to let us know you want to be involved and we will get back to you with a time to kōrero. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!