2022 Consultation on the reviewed Level 2 Tourism qualification

Closes: Wednesday 14 December 2022

Have your say!  

We have reviewed the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism (Introductory Skills) (Level 2) (50 credits) [2198], and invite your endorsement and/or feedback on the proposed changes to the qualification by Wednesday 14 December 2022.   

We have engaged with the sector and obtained feedback to inform the review, and an expert panel was convened to review the qualification and recommend changes. 

The main changes proposed as a result of the review are: 

  • Size – reduce from 50 credits to 40 or 45 credits  
  • Strategic Purpose Statement (SPS) – changes to clarify the reason why we need the qualification; reinforcing the pre-employment and basic skills and including mention of regenerative/sustainable tourism (to reflect adjusted GPO4 in particular).    
  • Graduate Profile Outcomes (GPOs) – some changes to each GPO to express what the graduate will be able to do and know (and indicative credits). 
  • GPO1 – added technological skills  
  • GPO2 – added seasonality and attractions, removed ‘world’  
  • GPO3 - changed ‘role’ to ‘components and structure’ of tourism industry and added visitor economy; and adjusted language around the range of job roles, career pathways and opportunities in the sector.   
  • GPO4 – Rewritten and removed reference to applying best practice and shifted towards the importance of sustainable and regenerative practices.    
  • Indicative credits – changed to allow for the proposed reduction of 10 credits for the qualification; panel recommends 10 credits for each GPO (halving current GPO2 credits), or if qual changes to 45 credits, then only a 5cr decrease for GPO2. 
  • GPO conditions – removed the list of suggested standards.  Intent is to provide a resource that shows an updated selection of potential standards to align with the reviewed qualification following the review of the standards.  Aware that schools are keen for a balance of Level 2 and Level 3 standards aligned to the qualification (most standards part of current maintenance reviews). 
  • Pathways:  
  • Education – added the Level 3 accommodation qualification 2103, and removed ‘proposed’ to show the pathway to the Level 3 Tourism Māori qualification (Ref: 2337)  
  • Employment, Cultural, Community – minor changes to entry level roles 
  • Qualification specifications  
  • Award – updated wording, largely technical wording changes (evolved in past 10 years) 
  • Consistency – updated wording, largely technical wording changes (evolved in past 10 years)  
  • General conditions for programmes – changed and strengthened to better reflect Māori values, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, sustainability, programme endorsement considerations.   


The draft reviewed New Zealand Certificate in Tourism (Introductory Skills) (Level 2) (40 or 45 credits) is available here, and you may wish to compare with the current version of the qualification [2198v1].  

We welcome your thoughts and feedback on the proposed changes, particularly about the reduction in credits, and changes to the outcomes and qualification specifications.  Responses can be in any form, including annotating the draft reviewed qualification.  

Feedback should be sent to qualifications@ringahora.nz by 14 December 2022. 

We look forward to hearing your views so we can finalise the proposed changes and submit the reviewed qualification to NZQA for Quality Assurance. 

Thank you in advance for your interest in and contribution to the review and ongoing quality of the Tourism qualification and standards.