Tourism unit standards and Level 2 qualification reviews

Expressions of Interest and feedback due: Friday 12 August 2022

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Ringa Hora Services Workforce Development Council invites your expression of interest in being involved with the review of the Tourism Unit Standards and/or the Level 2 qualification. 

We are reviewing the following:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Tourism (Introductory Skills) (Level 2) (50 credits) [2198]
  • Tourism unit standards (93) in the following domains:



Adventure Tourism
(7 standards – L2-4)

12406, 12407, 12408, 19425, 19426, 25852, 25988 

Cook Islands Tourism
(9 standards – L1 & 2)

16875-16878, 16880-16884

Horse Trek Guiding
(2 standards – L3 & 4)

17748, 17749

Visitor Information
(9 standards – L3-5)

9246, 12461, 18819, 25755-25756, 25758, 28289, 28290, 28292

Visitor Interpretation
(5 standards – L3-5)

18311, 18315-18317, 25350

Visitor Services
(61 standards - L2-6)

5552-5559, 5562-5563, 5565, 8637, 9807, 12410, 13172-13173, 13175, 18226-18228, 18237, 18365, 20488, 20675, 23755-23756, 23758-23761, 23763-23764, 23766-23769, 24724 -24733, 25349, 25351-25352, 26261-26262, 26426-26429, 26472, 28285, 28288, 29763-29764, 30627

Key points:

  • Qualification: There have been sufficient graduates of the Level 2 qualification 2198 between 2016 and 2021 to suggest that it should be maintained with minimal change for now, but we welcome your thoughts and feedback on this proposal.                                              
  • Unit standards: Many of the 93 unit standards are in approved programmes and have significant usage reported.  Some of the standards being reviewed have no or very low usage reported in the past five years (particularly those at higher levels), and these are likely to be proposed to expire.                                                                    
  • Gaps and issues: We are also interested in identifying any issues or gaps in the suite of standards and looking at suggestions for any new standards that could be developed to meet an identified need.
    Early feedback suggests there may be a gap for a Level 3 standard in the regenerative/environmental sustainability/impacts of tourism on the environment type area, and we welcome your thoughts and input on that too.
  • New products - We are aware that the Ministry of Education is leading a project developing Tourism Achievement Standards for use in schools and that there will likely be new skill standards able to be developed from 2023, which may progressively replace unit standards. So we are taking a maintenance approach to this review to ensure a range of suitable standards are available until the new products are developed and registered.

Ringa Hora is keen to build relationships and work with the sector to determine what will best meet the tourism workforce training needs, including the potential for Skills Standards and/or Micro-credentials down the track.

We invite your expressions of interest in participating in current and future developments in the Tourism Sector.  Please complete the expression of interest form and send any feedback to inform the review to  by Friday 12 August 2022

We expect to convene expert panels to undertake the reviews as soon as practical.  We also propose a tourism e-mail network, and members will receive regular updates with opportunities to contribute feedback, opinions, and ideas about tourism qualifications and standards reviews.

We are happy to add people to the email network at any time. If you wish to be included in the email network or have any feedback or questions, please email

Thank you in advance for your interest in and contribution to the Tourism qualifications and standards reviews.